b. 1986, HK.


Ashley Dequilla is a Filipina-American artist, educator and activist who currently resides in Washington DC. She attended the College of William and Mary and the Maryland Institute College of Art, and has shown her works across the United States and in the Philippines. She is published in the Filipino American Artist Directory, and is working as a Visionary Responder for the Sanctuaries, an arts activist organization. She was selected as the artist-in-residence for Duende District, an independent book retailer that exclusively features POC authors, at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria VA. In 2018 she and collaborator Ashley Ja'nae created Healing the Body, an art and wellness workshop aimed to un-silence and empower its participants. Ashley received competency training with the Asian Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Research Project, whom she is working with to implement workshops and visual campaigns through their Art as Voice programming.



CV available upon request.